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domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

Being in a relationship is scary... but is such a good thing!

Being in a relationship is scary. There are many aspects to it. It takes trust, patience, and understanding. It takes time. Sometimes. It comes with doubts. Am I good enough? Why am I so boring? Are they bored? Do they feel the same? All these thoughts. It makes you work harder. It makes you change things up. The thought of them not feeling the same. The thought of you feeling more for them than they do for you. It’s scary. The thoughts of “it’s going to be like last time” or the fear of losing them after coming so far. Just the fact that at anytime, they can walk out of your life. It’s a pessimistic thought. But it is really true. That’s why we all have to fight for love. We all have to break barriers and tear down walls for love. We change, lifestyle changes. Things we go through to keep what we have strong. It’s all worth it, if you make it worth it.

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